Stratus MLS

Stratus MLS is a full-featured Internet based MLS system offering real estate professionals Property Searching, Reports, Interactive Map Searches, customizable CMA, Hotsheet, Contacts and Prospect Match, Listing Maintenance, integrated Public Records and Farming tools, Custom Forms Designer, Statistical Reports, Document Management, Site-Wide Search, and more.

Easy to Use

Since Real estate agents make their money selling and not learning technology, Stratus MLS is designed to be easy for REALTORS® to use. With consistent, intuitive navigation, and comprehensive Help for every page and function, Stratus MLS works for both new and experienced agents.


Stratus provides a level of customization that no other vendor can offer. Every installation of Stratus MLS is tailored to the MLS's unique needs, rather than requiring conformity to a rigid cookie-cutter solution. The system's flexibility allows Stratus to analyze and accommodate an MLS's existing processes; and to fully customize nomenclature, data, report formats, search templates, listings, data feed, and more.